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The Facets of Health


We use gentle Chiropractic cranial and spinal adjustments to address problems with your Central Nervous System.The central nervous system consists of our brain and spinal cord, which are housed within our skull and our spine. There are so many ways in which our skull and spine can become restricted or misaligned from trauma, stress and bad posture.These misalignments in our spine can cause nerve interference and therefore cause problems to wherever the nerve supply goes to.


When you start de-stressing the body it can then start to heal itself as that’s what the body knows how to do. Sometimes it’s just too overloaded to do everything and needs some help.Everyone is affected by ‘stress’. Sometimes the emotional issues in our life can be triggering past emotions that are stored within our body years beforehand that were unable to be properly processed at the time. We use Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) to help release these emotions healing your body and also making you feel a lot better.


The nutrition that we should have in the body but we often don’t.  Even if we have the healthiest of diets the foods that we eat don’t have as high a nutritional content to what they used to.   However we often are eating unhealthy processed foods.  We need to have a balanced amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.


There are millions of processes going on within our body going on constantly and for each of the processes our body needs specific amino acids, vitamins and minerals etc…  In an ideal world we would take in everything we need from our diet.  Unfortunately due to the over farming of the fields we only get about 55% of the nutrition from the fruits and vegetables than we used to.  Topped with the fact that most foods have been sprayed with toxic chemicals and animals are given hormones.  So we are now at a place where we need to supplement our diets.  But which supplements do we need?  Everyone is different and needs to supplement their diet differently.  We use kinesiology to test which supplements you need for your healing.


These are the chemicals that are in the body but shouldn’t be.  There are toxicities in our environment everywhere.  Toxins can build up within our body unknowingly and can undermine our health.  The word toxic is used a lot but what does it actually mean and how is toxicity affecting our body?  Lets start with the major toxic groups:

Infections – Virus, Bacteria, Parasites, Fungus

Toxic metals – aluminum, nickel, mercury, lead, Boron

We use kinesiology to work out if your body has an overriding toxicity and also test how to get rid of it.

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