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Chiropractor in Chelmsford

A Holistic Approach to your Health

Who can we help at Moulsham Family Chiropractic...

Pregnant Women
Six month baby girl receiving osteopathi
Osteopath at Work
Meet our Chiropractor
Dr Jo O'Brien
My Personal Promise

The whole purpose of my practice is to help people get out of pain and get their vitality back.

What makes the way I practice unique is that I not only realign the spine with specific Chiropractic adjustments which remove blockages within the nervous system. But I also work to remove blockages caused by emotional stress and balance your body’s biochemistry.

“My personal promise to you is that I will do my very best to help you overcome your pain, teach you how to maintain your health and to deliver the best holistic Chiropractic care available.”

The Triangle of Health

Consists of Physical, Chemical and Emotional.  Chemical is divided into Nutrition and Toxicity.

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